10.1 Two or many?

p.177: Oct 20, 2001-The sex of an egg cell is set as soon as it is fertilized, but what happens...In this interactive, see how closely parts of your body match those in....HERE

p. 177: PROVIDENCE, R.I.- On a recent frozen winter evening, Dr.Anne Fausto - Sterling, 56, a professor of biology and women's studies at Brown, sat in a restaurant here, HERE

p. 179: Gender Spectrum helps to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens...HERE

10.2 Struggles with discrimination

p. 181: BBC Sport - Caster Semenya: 'What I dream of is to become...HERE

p. 183: Duttee Chand article in Andhra Jyothi

p. 184: You can look up more information on transgender issues HERE

p. 184: Seldom, our society realizes or cares to realize the trauma...HERE

p. 185: Link to reviews of movies (pdf files); TO BE DONE

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