This website supplements Towards a World of Equals: A Bilingual Textbook on Gender prescribed for undergraduate students in Telangana. It provides the online links to other essays, images and videos that have been mentioned in the lessons. These links will help you explore further the different issues raised in the course. We invite you to browse through the website as an accompaniment to the units being discussed in class. We welcome your suggestions about other readings and links that could be mentioned here.

There is also a section on the website for Questions/Comments and Responses related to each unit in the textbook. We would like you to express your thoughts in the space provided in this section. One of us will respond to you. A selection of the comments will be posted on the website.

Towards a World of Equals is a course that introduces you to different dimensions of the current discussion on gender issues. The lessons critically scrutinize many commonly held assumptions about gender relations and demonstrate why they are unacceptable in a society committed to justice and equality. You will encounter a variety of materials: academic studies,court cases, laws, theoretical analyses, newspaper reports, stories, poems and autobiographical texts to provide you with a sound grasp of different issues. We believe that such understanding will make for more just personal relationships as well as happier and more productive work places.

How we think about gender is also shaped by other ways in which Indian society is built, i.e., caste, community and tribe. In this course we try and understand gender in its relationship to these other divisions of Indian society.

Towards a World of Equals is designed to help you recognize gender as an important and central issue in thinking about society, politics and personal life. We hope this understanding alsodevelops your sensitivity to gender and other inequalities.